Chinook auf Helm Flugfeld

About Vario

Vario Helicopter was founded in 1974 by Uli Streich. Driven by a passion for RC model helicopters and technical development since the very beginning, Vario Helicopter soon became the world leader in the industry, setting standards for its competitors.

A dedicated range of upgrade parts, spare parts and fuselage kits made the hobby easier to access for everybody. Going from trainer models to large scale turbine models, Vario Helicopter has these days a range to suit every demand. The availability of spare parts and worldwide dealer network are the key of the commercial success of the brand.

Vario is a flexible brand, meaning the builder can change or adapt some mechanics as he pleases to use in his project. Vario is a strong brand, with constant R&D looking for the best price-quality range in the market. A customer who flies a Vario Helicopter, can rely on service and support by the Vario representative in his country.


If you build a Vario project, the goal is to have a helicopter that will last for years, that’s why only premium components are used. Today the driving force behind Vario Helicopter is Mrs. Kirsten Zodtner, assisted by a team of motivated employees to continue setting standards in the RC model helicopter industry.

Together with all dealerships in 18 countries, Vario Helicopter goal is to keep people motivated in starting with this lovely hobby, full of technical knowledge, creativity and fun on the field. And this fun is very important: meeting other pilots, sharing experiences and knowledge, …

The online shop that Vario implemented since years, is the reference guide in terms of spare parts, fuselages, accessories and is updated frequently. If you want to start this fascinating hobby, feel free to visit a model airfield to talk with some pilots or visit our Vario Belgium shop to get all info needed. Being a Vario pilot is not only a hobby, it’s a way of life.